So instead of Doctor Who being ruined by Sony’s bombast, the show continues to be ruined by Moffat’s self-indulgent, shabby fanfic. Part of the problem, of course, is that fanfic is designed to press all of fandom’s buttons, hence the reality distortion field that seems to surround it, but a more critical eye reveals… » 4/17/15 12:35pm Friday 12:35pm

And this is why new media funding models suck - because they are wholly dependant on advertising and this mean the advertisers call the tune. The recent scandal involving The Telegraph is another case in point; advertorial is the future of content. » 4/11/15 7:50am 4/11/15 7:50am

All this level of detail and millions of man hours (not to mention millions of dollars) reminds me a lot of prog rock at its most excessive, where the excess blotted out the music. Gaming needs more three chord punk. » 4/11/15 7:32am 4/11/15 7:32am

Same old, same old - this peddling of (often literal) shit and snake oil keeps on surfacing every couple of years, as Ben Goldacre pointed out when shredding 'Dr' Gillian McKeith back in 2006: » 4/07/15 9:19am 4/07/15 9:19am